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 Weekly Kabbalah and Coffee Class

 The Tanya a Masterpiece of Chassidic wisdom written by Rabbi Shnear Zalmen of Liadi (1745 - 1812). The Tanya provides a roadmap to a deeply meaningful and spiritual life. What is a soul? Why at times is life a struggle? How does one attain genuine joy and satisfaction? What is the secret to developing loving and lasting personal relationship? Join us for an interactive study session and find out.

Free of charge, please contact for location.


Lecture Series:

Join us throughout the year for a guest Lecture. Past lectures were given by Rabbi SB Levitin topic: "is Forgiveness a must? and Rabbi Kornfeld  " The infinity of one" 


Personalized Torah Study!

Whether it's Aleph Bet, Talmud, The weekly Torah portion, or Kabbalah you name it and well set up a time to learn.

To book your class today! Please call Rabbi Levi at (206) 898 9361 or email